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Inspection before a test drive.

Hondamatic (1973)


Automatic and Motivating

In March 1968 the Hondamatic transmission made it is debut on the all-new N360 AT model. The N360 using the new transmission received significantly awareness as Honda’s original AT entry, particularly because it has been the very first mini vehicle equipped with a completely automatic transmission. Actually, the car’s awesome reviews gave the developers the acknowledgement they'd lengthy earned: Since Borg Warner rejected their requests to build up a prototype, the developers had sailed a hard and uncertain course, utilizing trial and error as it's waypoints.



A "standard" transmission utilizes planetary gears which have been arranged along one single axis. The team’s parallel-axis version, by contrast, used a simple in addition to nearly equivalent structure that lacked planetary things. This would let the developers to create a more compact transmission that would produced less scrubbing, an advantage that wasn’t possible while using the standard AT design. Soichiro Honda told the developers to add a mechanism that made it possible for the driver to choose if he or she wanted manual or automatic shifts.



After the inspection throughout the test drive, the car rarely made any shock when changing gears, a typical characteristic attribute for automatic transmissions. In fact, the car’s performance even satisfied the developers.


After the test drive the clutch showed signs of being severely used, that was precisely why there was very low shock. The severly worn parts was discovered the day efter, during a not so formal test drive executed with the developers. The worn parts actually resulted in the opposite of the good performance the vehicle showed during its first test, producing various failuries such as oil leaks, breakage and eventually as a non-working clutch.


"if you imitate you will be criticized, but when you create you earn respect. "


The development went on, find out more here




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